Adopt - Don't Shop

Adopt a Kitten: $250 
Adopt an Adult Cat: $200 
Adopt a Dog: Varies - Please contact for more information

Our adoption fees include first vaccines, dewormer, microchip and spay/neuter surgery before adoption takes place. 

View our Homepage for pets available for adoption.

Fill out the Adoption Application below to be considered to add a pet to your family.

We accept cash, cheque or e-transfer for all adoption fees. 

Adoption Application

Are you adopting this animal for yourself and your family?

Will visitors bring their pets with them?

Do any family members have allergies to pets?

Are you planning on moving in the next month?

Are you planning a change in schedule in the next month?

Are all members of your family in agreement about adopting the animal?

What type of home do you live in?

Do you rent or own?

Do you have your landlords permission to have pets?

Outside areas at my residence include:

Are all of your current pets spayed/neutered?

Are your current pets friendly with animals?

Have you owned cats and/or dogs before?

Would you consider declawing your cat

Have you surrendered or given a pet away?

Are/were your pets vaccinations up to date?

Are you aware of and prepared for the expense of owning a new pet? (Veterinary care, annual vaccinations, annual license, food, litter, miscellaneous)

Are you willing to accept the financial responsibility of future, unexpected/required medical expenditures, ie: unexpected accident, injury, ailments, health of aging animal?

Are you prepared to allow an adjustment period of at least two weeks?

Under what circumstances would you not keep this pet?

If this adoption. for any reason does not work out at any time in the future, do you understand that you must return the animal to The Almaguin Pet Rescue, where it came from? If you have found a suitable home for the pet the Almaguin Pet Rescue must be notified.

Are you willing to have a rescue volunteer come to your home, to see where the cat/dog will be living?

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